Make a strong first impression by learning how to write and refine these important documents.

Resources include video tutorials (webshops), drop-in services, samples, and more.

“How to Build Your First Resume” Your first resume can see a bit overwhelming. Our webshop will not only help you through the process but help you craft a good resume from the start.

“What is a Resume and Why do I need one?”: Learn why you need to take the time to craft a resume and how important it is to have one and keep it updated.

“How to Market Your International Experience”: Whether you’ve taken an interim trip, studied abroad for a semester or a year, volunteered internationally, or lived globally, you’ve acquired valuable experience. During this webshop, you will learn now to effectively articulate this unique experience on your resume and in interviews.

“What is a Cover Letter?”: Compose a letter? What do I say? Don’t avoid writing a cover letter because you’re not sure what to say. Our Webshop will help you understand the importance of including one with your resume.

“How to Write Cover Letters ”: Want to know how to effectively write cover letters to get that interview? This webshop will help you.