Writing, and refining these crucial career documents can land you strong first impressions with employers and alumni.

Resources include video tutorials (webshops), drop-in services, samples, and more.

“How to Build Your First Resume” Your first resume can be a bit overwhelming. Our webshop will help you navigate the resume writing process from your first draft, to your targeted revisions.

“What is a Resume and Why Do I Need One?”: Understand the importance of committing time and effort to your resume and its updates. Writing your first draft is just the beginning.

“How to Market Your International Experience”: Have you studied abroad, volunteered or lived internationally, or traveled during interim.  You’ve acquired unique and valuable experience. In this webshop, you will learn how to effectively articulate this experience on your resume and in interviews

“What is a Cover Letter?”: Cover letters are almost always recommended when applying to jobs and internships. Learn the importance and effectiveness of a strong cover letter, and what to write about on one.

“How to Write Cover Letters ”: Want to know how to effectively write cover letters to get that interview? This webshop will help you.