Do you need to complete a recorded interview? Do you have a virtual interview coming up? Do you just want to practice interviewing? InterviewStream gives you the fifteen most common questions that interviewers ask. Plus, you can create and customize an interview by selecting questions for a practice interview. Once your interview is complete, you can be the only one to watch it or you can e-mail it to your Gateway Career Counselor or someone else, of your choosing, for feedback. Watching your recorded interview allows you to see and hear yourself as a potential interviewer would. It also allows you to see your background so you can make any necessary adjustments before the real thing.

Interviewing Made Simple

Do you have an interview coming up and don’t know what to expect? Do you have a phone or video interview coming up and wonder if you should be preparing differently? Our webshop can help. Watch for tips and suggestions on best practices to help you be successful in any interviewing situation.

Interviewing with Ease: The ‘Pard Prep Method

This webshop teaches you the mental preparation necessary in order to handle interviews with greater confidence and less stress. It is interactive, and will teach you specific tools that you can use as you prepare for interviews of all kinds.

Marketing Your International Experience

Whether you’ve taken an interim trip, studied abroad for a semester or a year, volunteered internationally, or lived globally, you’ve acquired valuable experience. During this webshop, you will learn how to effectively articulate this unique experience on your resume and in interviews. Begin here.

Additional Interview Articles, Tips, and Resources