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Prepare for Graduate & Professional School

Pursuing a graduate or professional degree is a commitment that requires planning.

Continuing your education requires a significant commitment of time, resources, and finances. Start by talking with your Gateway counselor who can help you gather information to determine if pursuing graduate or professional school is the right next step for you. Starting the process early will allow time to: think about what you want to do and why; consider all your options; determine what timing best aligns to your goals and programs of interest; and ultimately prepare the best application materials possible.

Should I Go to Grad School? Here are 5 Good Reasons

“Should I go to grad school?”

Longtime professional, current undergraduate student, or sector switcher—no matter where you are in your social-impact journey, you may have wondered whether grad school is right for you. From satisfying a degree requirement to deepening …

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Should You Go to Grad School? 5 Things to Consider in the COVID Era

During times of economic weakness or uncertainty, many graduate programs see their applications swell. There are already signs that the economic strain brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic will drive the same kind of increased interest in graduate school.

While …

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