Lafayette College can provide you with students who are well versed in the fundamentals, along with practical experience and communication skills which will add value to your team.

Here’s what our students will bring to your organization:

  • Demonstrated leadership ability
  • Technical expertise
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Focused approach to career development
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong critical investigation skills
  • Exposure to global issues and solutions
  • Ability to gather and evaluate data

All the experiences Lafayette students need to create their edge—intellectual cross-training, mentoring from faculty, hands-on problem solving, internships, externships, global study, and community-based learning and research—are built into their four years.

Lafayette students are involved and focused:

  • 73 percent of students participated in internships
  • More than 350 complete externships each year
  • Over 25 percent participate in voluntary community service
  • Leadership opportunities are offered through more than 250 clubs and organizations
  • 21 percent of students participate in Division I intercollegiate athletic programs
  • More than 50 percent participate in intramural and club sports

The ability to think across disciplinary boundaries has defined Lafayette College students since its founding in 1826. Today, our students and faculty collaborate with partners beyond the campus in ways such as:

  • Students in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering team up to monitor local flooding and water issues.
  • Engineers without Borders has worked since 2004 to create a potable water system in Honduras.
  • Alternative school break club’s international 2011-2013 service projects took place in Costa Rica, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras and Nicaragua.

Through Lafayette’s emphasis on collaborative, high-impact learning and Gateway, the four-year career development program, our students develop leadership and teamwork skills, practical experience, and a sharpened career focus.

More than 90 percent of our students utilize the Career Center, and more than 84 percent of first-year classes engage in the Gateway program, which provides individualized career guidance throughout their four years at Lafayette.  Students:

  • Work individually with counselors to establish clearly defined goals and to make sound career decisions
  • Develop skills in conducting employer research and connecting with industry professionals
  • Gain relevant work experience from internships and externships
  • Know how to articulate their skills and value to employers

You will interact with a staff that understands and knows students well, who are career focused and ready to contribute to your organization. True to Lafayette’s philosophy, we will help you connect with students who will exceed your expectations.