Lafayette InternShift is not your traditional internship.

When you make an executive investment in InternShift, a high-performing Lafayette student will help you move a special project forward. Our nationally ranked Gateway Career Center team will help guide you through the process from building a work assignment to coordinating the interview process, and consulting with you and your senior executives on a professional development plan that could help shift your current internship program into a successful pipeline of highly qualified and long-serving employees.

Meet the Employers

JB REILLY ’83 P’16’18
Founder and CEO, City Center Investment Corporation

“The research that our Lafayette students have done this summer has brought a different perspective than we bring to some of problem solving. I don’t care what business you’re in, millennial demographic preferences are shaping every aspect of every industry today, and to get that millennial perspective is important.”

Create a high ROI for your organization.

Make the shift to an executive investment in the millennial generation—bright young individuals who can infuse the benefits of a liberal arts education into your business strategy and your teams. Significant investments on the part of Lafayette, our employer partners, and our students make possible the immersive experience of Lafayette InternShift. To support you, we can:

  • Consult with you to shape the experience and projects;
  • Identify qualified students and provide resumes;
  • Coordinate the interview process;
  • Connect students with supportive funding;
  • and more!

Lafayette can make Internshift affordable for non-profits, NGOs, and start-ups.

Some of the companies Lafayette Internshift has worked with:


What Students are Saying

Student: Steven Shaw ’16,
Mechanical Engineering, POSSE Scholar

“After my internship, I got hired as a team operations leader at Amazon, where I will be using my engineering background to collect data and try to improve the effectiveness of the operations. It’s pretty cool that I’ll be in charge of 150–200 people straight out of college. One day, I want to create my own company where I will have to manage a similar number of people, so why not learn now?”