Whether you are attending an in person fair or a virtual fair preparation is essential.  Below is a list of resources and upcoming events to help you put your best self forward.

Best practices for networking and online career fair video

  • Check out our Calendar for upcoming virtual workshops and resume drop off events to help you prepare.
  • InterviewStream:  InterviewStream is a great way to practice for your 30 second introduction video or just practice for a live video introduction.  You can record your answers, playback and critique yourself or send the link to your counselor for feedback.
  • Tips to Turn Your Resume Summary into an Elevator Pitch 
    • Example of an Elevator Pitch based on resume summary:
      Hi, I’m Megan!
      I’m a junior, majoring in Psychology and taking a minor in Anthropology and Sociology. I’m interested in how psychology can be used in organizations, either in HR, marketing, or management, but I am open to hearing about other types of work in the professional world, as well.
      I have strong communication and interpersonal skills along with broader administrative skills that I’ve used for doing research, writing reports, and managing projects for myself and on group projects. I’d love to hear more about your organization and what kinds of opportunities you might have for internships where I could use my skills to help you while I learn about your business.
  • Resume and LinkedIn:  The virtual fair platform allows you to upload a copy of your resume to your account.  We strongly suggest you do so, as employers will receive an ebook of student resumes prior to the fair and after the fair.  We also suggest you update or create a LinkedIn account.
    Updating or creating a resume?  Creating or Updating your LinkedIn account? We have a tutorial to help you.
    Resume Success
    Updating your Resume
    Creating a Successful LinkedIn profile
    Tips for successful networking
    Answer Questions using the STAR Method
  • Here are some resources to help you prepare answers to some commonly asked questions from employers:
    Commonly Asked Interview Questions
    Behavioral Interview Questions
    Questions to ask Employers
  • We also have resume samples to help you
    Resume Sample with Summary – Senior/Junior
    First Year- Sophomore Resume Sample
  • Here are some examples of Resume Specifics to guide you as you prepare your resume: (click image to enlarge)
  • Resume examples