Career Track General Program Information

An innovative program that provides students with a valuable, insider perspective on what it’s like to work in a particular industry and city. Students must select a specific location and track that’s of interest.  Each employer visit will provide new industry knowledge and include a variety of activities.

Career Tracks are offered to students by alumni, parents, and friends of the College who volunteer their time to share their expertise with students. Our volunteers hold various professional roles in companies and industries that align with each specific track.  Students have the opportunity to ask professionals questions to better understand the field they are considering as a possible career.

Career Tracks are typically scheduled during the winter interim break. Watch for detailed information regarding specific track dates when applications open each November.

The Career Tracks program is open to ALL students of ALL majors and ALL classes, but first years and sophomores are highly encouraged to consider attending.

The benefits you receive as a Career Track participant are invaluable.

  • Exposure to a specific industry and career path: This will help you determine if it’s the right fit for you. You will spend time at a broad range of employer sites.
  • Gain Knowledge: Some tracks may include Human Resources professionals who can offer skills development and insight about recruiting cycles and processes for their particular industry or organization.
  • Learn about a city or region: Alumni will share what it’s like in a particular city where you can envision working and growing your career.
  • Build Connections:  Track volunteers are successful alumni, parents, and friends of the College, who can give insight and support to benefit your future career ambitions.

By submitting your application, you are agreeing to accept the Career Track opportunity you selected and honor the commitment.

If you register for a Career Track, participation is required. Failure to participate will be considered negatively in any future applications.

The pre-scheduled dates for the Career Track program will not change. Please keep this in consideration if you are planning on participating in the Externship program.


  1. Resume
  2. Cover letter (one for each career track that you are applying to) that addresses the following topics:
  • [First Paragraph] Purpose: Why are you writing this? What interests you about this career track, and how did you hear about it?
  • [Second Paragraph] Background and Qualifications: Whare your interested in participating and why do you feel this would be a good fit (track) for you?
  • [Third Paragraph] Request for Action: Indicate your additional interest. Include details of what you are sending/completing. Include a thank you, how to get in touch with you and expected next steps.
  • Click here to view an example career track cover letter.

The Career Tracks application typically opens the Sunday following the Externship Application deadline date.

  • Read through your options and choose up to three (3) of the locations and industries of most interest to you.
  • Only completed Career Track applications submitted by the due date will be considered.
  • Your essay is a very important component of the application. Spend an appropriate amount of time gathering your thoughts. Only one essay is required per student, but discuss your selections.  Essays must be typed, double spaced, with your name on each page. Essays from previous years cannot be resubmitted; you must write a new one each year.

IMPORTANT: Please remember, if you are applying to more than one career track you will need to craft a cover letter for each career track.

Each cover letter you are submitting is to individually talk about the Career Track you are applying to. Do not use any previously submitted career track or externship essay or a fellow student’s career track cover letter. This is considered a violation of Academic Integrity, as defined in the Student Handbook.

  • Your resume should be written in a professional manner that effectively communicates your education, skills, and experience. The Career Center advises having your resume reviewed by your Gateway Counselor for the program prior to submitting your application.
  • The Career Center performs the final review. The Track hosts receive the selected students’ resumes.
  • Contact the Career Center with any questions throughout the application process. We are happy to help you in preparing the best application materials possible.

Once you apply, you are required to attend one of the available Orientation Meetings. Register in Handshake for your Orientation Meeting of choice. After the orientation session, you will be emailed a confirmation on the tracks in which you will participate, along with valuable advice on how to make the most of your experience.

Please note: Applying for a Career Track means that you are making a commitment to this experience. Once ACCEPTED, participation is mandatory.

Contact the Gateway Career Center: 610-330-5115,