Salary Resources

These tools will help you research salaries and prepare for salary negotiation.

Educate to Career Student and Job Seeker Salary Calculators: Access salary calculators and salary searches by job title or occupation. This site gives you an inside look at company salaries, reviews, and interview questions for more than 84,000 companies.

GoodCalculators US Salary Tax Calculator: You are able to use our United States Salary Tax Calculator in order to determine how much of your annual salary goes into your bank account, and how much of it goes towards payments such as: federal taxes, state taxes, Medicare, Social Security, and other payments.

PayScale Company Information: This site offers complimentary salary and cost of living calculators that you can use to decide where you’d like to live, negotiate salaries, and better prepare for interviews. Use the free calculator to access salary ranges by job title and geographic location.​ Tax Calculator: Utilize this tool to calculate your estimated net pay (also known as “take home” pay) after deductions (federal and state income taxes, social security, Medicare) are taken out of your gross pay. Salary search and job search tools also available.

ZipRecruiter: Access salary data by position title and location, including salary average, 25th and 75th percentiles, and salary for targeted location compared to national average.