Using LinkedIn Effectively

LinkedIn on PhoneUse LinkedIn to make connections and build a powerful, professional online presence.

Starting with people you know, you can use LinkedIn tools to help you connect with the connections of your connections for mutual benefit such as industry information and job or internship referrals.

Whether you are only just considering LinkedIn or have already begun to create your profile, the following information will be very helpful to learn more about what LinkedIn is and how to use it effectively:

Getting Started with LinkedIn

We strongly suggest that all students utilize the LinkedIn Learning Center Student User Guide. This resource provides excellent information about the features and functions of LinkedIn, explains why and how it is appropriate for students to join, and how to create a robust profile. Click here to access the LinkedIn Learning Course for Students.

Also, here is a helpful article related to using LinkedIn effectively as a college student:

Making Connections on LinkedIn

All communications through LinkedIn should be professional in nature. Texting shortcuts, incorrect grammar and errors are unacceptable. Remember, LinkedIn is your professional persona. You want everything about your LinkedIn profile and outreach to be as professional as possible. For this reason, it is not advisable to use the automated LinkedIn request to connect with someone. A person who doesn’t know you is much more likely to ignore your request to connect if you use the automated LinkedIn language. However, a well written and professional note requesting to connect with someone on LinkedIn that explains who you are and why you are reaching out is much more appropriate and more likely to get a positive response.

More information about making connections appropriately through LinkedIn can be found in the following links:

Lafayette Career Services LinkedIn AlumNETWORK Group

The Lafayette Career Services LinkedIn AlumNETWORK Group is a networking group for Lafayette alumni and current Junior and Senior year students. This group has been created to provide an opportunity for alumni and students to connect for the purpose of discussing career-related information.