Volunteers Needed to Support the Gateway Career Center

Register to host an in-person or remote January 2024 externship by 9/29!

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Did you know? Each year, approximately 300 sophomores, juniors, and seniors participate in short-term job shadowing opportunities through the Lafayette College January Externship Program.

Students participate in Externships to:

  • Gain a realistic understanding of a career field.
  • Explore career options for a major.
  • Learn about the daily activities of an occupation.
  • Ask questions and gather information. 
  • Seek advice from their host and other experts.
  • Plan for future courses, internships, and other ways to explore careers.  

How can you help? 
The Gateway Career Center is in need of parent, family, and alumni volunteers to serve as January 2024 Extern Hosts! Every year we seek to secure 100+ volunteers. Volunteers may choose to host an in-person or remote externship. Externships are sought across a wide range of career fields and employer types. Some key areas where hosts are especially in need include:

  • Allied Health/Medicine 
  • The Arts (Applied, Performing, Management)
  • Biotech/Pharmaceuticals
  • Communications (Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations)
  • Conservation/Sustainability
  • Consulting
  • Film, Media, & Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Law
  • Non-Profits/Public Service
  • Psychology/Counseling/Human Services
  • Scientific Research 

We ask that hosts provide their extern with a two to five day* experience that allows them to gain an “inside look” at what it is like to do the work you do. You can learn more about the January Externship Program, as well as access tips for hosting an externship, sample itineraries, and FAQs here: https://bit.ly/lafexternhosts

To register as a January 2024 Extern Host, simply complete our Online Externship Host Application (https://bit.ly/lafexternhostsignupby the end of the day on Friday, September 29th.

For more information, please contact Alexis Leon, Assistant Director, at leonal@lafayette.edu or 610-330-5115.

*We recognize that it might not be feasible nor productive to host remote externships according to a full work day schedule. With this in mind, volunteers may host their assigned student(s) the equivalent of two work days (or more), according to a structure and schedule that makes sense for the nature of their work and the opportunities, connections, and experiences available to virtually showcase to students throughout the externship.

By Gateway Career Center
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