How to Rock a Career Fair

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Career fairs seem to be happening all the time on college campuses. Whether you’re looking for a position in engineering, hospitality, communications, or business, there’s probably a career fair happening for your preferred industry on campus at some point in the near future—and for good reason! Job fairs are great tools that can help you get your resume into the hands of top employers that are looking for bright young candidates just like you.

These fairs are often trying ordeals, however. There is a lot of competition among students to get the attention of the most desirable organizations, and the representatives from these companies are probably exhausted from answering students’ questions for hours on end. It can be tough to rise to the occasion and make the perfect first impression with that kind of pressure. So how do you stand out from the crowd? We’ve got a few tips!

Check out this video on how to rock a career fair!

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