The Gateway Program

Gateway is a personalized, four-year career-development program that helps students prepare for life after graduation.

We encourage you to start taking advantage of all the resources and benefits of the Gateway program your first semester on campus. The ultimate goal of Gateway is to prepare you for the future and give you an edge over the competition by providing you with valuable real-world experience that will help you transition from college to career or graduate school.

Gateway begins with self-discovery. We can help you evaluate your interests, strengths, values and to help you determine the right path. Throughout your four years here, you’ll receive valuable guidance and insight from our experienced staff—from how to craft a resume to how to find an internship to how to prep for a job interview. We’ll help you research and investigate options for internships, full-time jobs, and graduate or professional schools. The earlier you engage with us, the  better your odds are for success. Access our Gateway Brochure here.

The Gateway Program Process at a Glance:

  • First year: You’ll start evaluating how your interests, skills, and talents connect to specific career fields and opportunities for graduate study.
  • Sophomore year: You’ll begin to develop a network of contacts and have your first major career experience.
  • Junior year: You’ll continue to build and refine your network of contacts, expand your career-related skills, and begin to focus on the employers or graduate and professional schools best suited to your future plans.
  • Senior year: As your Lafayette education nears completion, Gateway’s counselors and resources can help you prepare for interviews, take advantage of your network of contacts, and help you land the job you want. Or you can gain assistance applying to the graduate or professional schools of your choice.

Here’s your opportunity to explore career and educational interests with support from your counselor through all four years. Together, you identify activities that will move you forward toward your goals and develop a flexible road map for life after graduation. You will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and gain valuable professional experiences while developing relationships and connections that can last a lifetime.

Students who go through the process ultimately gain valuable professional experiences, developing relationships and connections that can last a lifetime.

Benefits include:

  • Individualized support from their Gateway Counselor to develop a plan aligned to their specific interests and goals.
  • Participation in a two-to-five day shadowing experience for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, through the January externship program.
  • The opportunity to apply for alumni-sponsored internships.
  • Access to GatewayLink, a network of alumni with whom they can talk about different fields and career options.
  • Personal assistance in developing well-written résumés, curriculum vitae (CV), cover letters, and personal statements.
  • Ability to clearly articulate their career goals to prospective employers and/or graduate or professional schools.
  • Workshops, alumni career panels, career fairs, and other career networking programs.
  • Support from internship stipends while doing unpaid or high cost internships.
  • Mock interviews (phone, in-person, or virtual) with a Gateway counselor or alumni from their field of interest to prepare students for formal interviews.
  • Access to Handshake (online job and internship postings) and email alerts—a service that notifies students via email of jobs and internships that match their specific interests.
  • Assistance in exploring graduate/professional school opportunities, along with navigating the application process.
  • On-campus/virtual interviews for internships and full-time employment with a variety of employers.
  • Preparation for the transition to life after Lafayette, with confidence.