Sample Internship Timeline

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is just a sample timeline. Industries such as finance, consulting, and engineering may have earlier timelines. Please meet with your Gateway Counselor to discuss the timeline appropriate for your area(s) of interest.

September – October

  • Meet with your Gateway Counselor to define your goals and determine the focus for your internship search.
  • Develop your resume and cover letters with your Gateway Counselor.
  • Research and network for internship prospects by using an array of posting sites (such as Handshake), employer resources, and industry information.
  • Talk to friends, family, faculty, alumni, and use your “connections.”

November – January           

  • Determine at least 25 internship options and perform further research on those employers.
  • Develop a time frame for application and follow-up.  The internship search takes more time than you think and many employers have deadlines as early as December 1st.
  • Line up your references, make sure you have their correct contact information.  If letters of reference are needed, give the individual plenty of notice.
  • Make sure the employer knows how to contact you over the January Interim break.

February –March

  • Follow-up each application you submit with a phone call if you don’t hear from the employer within a reasonable amount of time.  Tell the employer that you are checking on the status of your resume and are still very interested in the internship.
  • Work with your Gateway Counselor to improve your interview skills, participate in a mock interview.
  •  Within 24 – 48 hours after an interview, send a sincere, tailored thank-you note to the employer.
  • Consult your Gateway Counselor if you need assistance. Be patient.  If the employer doesn’t call when promised, it is acceptable for you to call and reiterate your interest in the internship.
  • Internship postings continue to arrive, make sure you continue to check the Job Vault.

April – May

  • Receive and evaluate internship offers, finalize details with employer.
  • Make housing arrangements (if needed).
  • Make sure you have a wardrobe suitable for the internship environment.
  • Do some more research about the organization so you are well prepared.

June – August

  • Have a great internship!
  • Keep a journal of the experience and collect business cards from everyone you meet along the way.